Kawada Group

Kawada Technologies, Inc.

Main Office 1-3-11 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-8563
Main Business Planning and supervising management strategies for KAWADA Group companies, of those business activities may range from ; construction of PC bridges and steel construction, including design ,fabrication, erection, installation; general construction and system construction; development and sales of construction-related software. General management and other subsidiary operations (management consulting or rendering advice on management, providing information on marketing research and product sales).
Homepage http://www.kawada.jp/

Kawada Indutries, Inc.

Main Office 1-3-11 Takinogawa,Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-8562
Main Business Design and fabrication of bridges and bridge construction materials, including steel frames, steel towers, and other structures; civil engineering construction , construction work by contract; design of aircraft, fabrication, repair, and sales.
Homepage http://www.kawada.co.jp

Kawada Construction Co., Ltd.

Main Office 6-3-1 Takinogawa, Kita-ku,Tokyo 114-8505
Main Business Bridge construction : Design and construction of steel bridges and structures, design and construction of pre-beam bridges, design and construction of superstructures(tank etc.), cable erection of long-span suspension bridges and stiffened girders. Pre-casting: Design, reproduction, and construction of pre-cast concrete products and pre-cast construction materials. Public and preservation works: Maintenance, repair, and aesthetic improvements for bridges and steel structures and other general civil engineering work.
Homepage http://www.kawadaken.co.jp

Kawada Technosystem Co., Ltd.

Main Office 6-3-1 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0023
Main Business Development and sales of software allied to construction work in general, such planning, designing, and building. Development and sales of software allied to construction business and management information system. Development and sales of software allied to CALS/EC and electronic commerce system Analysis, design and drawing of bridges and other superstructure by computer,
Homepage http://www.kts.co.jp

Kyouryou Maintenance, Inc.

Main Office 6-3-1 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-00231
Main Business Maintenance and management of bridges (repair and reinforcement of bridges, expansion and contraction of bridges, sales and construction of aluminum-made “KM joint”, and spiral drains)
Homepage http://www.hashi-mente.co.jp

Fujimae Steel Co., Ltd.

Main Office 1-3-9 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-8562 Japan
Main Business Sales of steel materials, construction materials and other tools.

New Central Air Service Co., Ltd.

Main Office 3177 Handa-cho, Ryugasaki-shi, Ibaraki 301-0806
Ryugasaki Airfield
Chofu Airport
Main Business Unscheduled airline transportation, point-to-point passenger service (around the Izu islands), charted flights, sightseeing flights, cargo transportation, aerial work business, advertisement, news gathering, research, survey, training, and aircraft operation business.
Homepage http://www.central-air.co.jp