Tokyo Ai-land Shuttle - Travel Info

東京愛らんどシャトル オンライン予約システム

Reservation and Cancellation

Toho Air Reservation Centre
04996-2-5222 Business Hours 9:00~16:00(closed on Sunday)

Toho Air Hachijojima Office
04996-2-5200 Business hour 8:30~17:00(daily)

About Booking

  • Reservations can be taken from 1 month to 1 day prior to the boarding date (except Sunday).
  • Tickets can be purchased by cash only, on the boarding date at the check-in terminal. (credit cards cannot be accepted)

About Cancellation

  • Please make your reservation or cancellation at least 1 day prior to the boarding date.
  • Please refrain from making double- bookings.
  • Please make sure to call us if you need to cancel your reservation, so that others who require may take that seat.

About Check-In

  • Please make your reservation and cancellation at least 1 day prior to the boarding date.
  • Please complete your check-in between 50 minutes to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Customers who check in later than 30 minutes before departure might not be able to board regardless of their reservation.
  • For customers travelling with special fare for persons with disabilities (25% off regular adult fare), please let us know at the time of reservation. The passenger will be asked to present the disabled status identification card at the ticket counter.
  • Please let us know if the passenger requires the use of a wheelchair.
  • Please note that schedules may change on this route due to heavy weather and other circumstances without notice.

About Luggage

  • Hand luggage less than 5 kilograms may be taken on board per passenger.
  • The size of hand luggage may not be larger than 25 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.
  • Further charge will apply to luggage in excess of 5 kilograms per passenger. Please note that excessive luggage may not be taken on board depending on circumstances.

About Changes in Flight

  • Please note that the route, the departure/arrival times and terminals are subject to change. Also, the entire or a part of flights may be cancelled, or the boarding of passengers, luggage, and cargos may be limited or cancelled, due to the requests from the law or administration, mechanical troubles, bad weathers, industrial action, riot, war and other compelling reasons. Unless otherwise provided above, it should be followed by the regulations of Toho Air Service.